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  • Toby Banks

We Are Not So Different

If you have been watching the news, you’ve probably seen stories about the unrest and chaos in Haiti. This little republic has had more than its fair share of difficulties over the years. So much so that there is a bit of “Haiti Fatigue.” People are tired of hearing about the issues there and are wondering if it will ever change. We hear “Why don’t they just fix the problems and move on?”


The problems are not easy to fix. Without going into long discussions about the lack of infrastructure, strong leadership, education, and opportunity, can we just say that the people of Haiti would like nothing more than to be the strong nation their ancestors dreamed about when they became the first black republic?


So here is where we focus: People.


People that want nothing more than a peaceful life. Mothers and fathers that want to raise their families in a safe environment with good schools and safe water. Businesses that want employees to train and that can create opportunities for expansion. A government that leads the population and protects the infrastructure. People that want the freedom to make decisions about the things that impact their families.


We are not so different.


So please, let’s no focus on the fatigue, lets focus on the people.

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