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Crazy Long Update

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

More Girls, New Businesses, College Update

Hello, wonderful readers of Raising Hope Ministries! We are thrilled to bring you an exciting update filled with new beginnings, entrepreneurial ventures, and college journeys. So, let's dive right in and celebrate the latest happenings in our ever-growing Raising Hope family!

First and foremost, we extend a warm welcome to our newest arrivals, Fedia, Gerly, and Christella! These incredible young women have joined our family, bringing their unique talents, passions, and vibrant personalities. We are overjoyed to have them with us, and we cannot wait for you to meet them as grown-up young women!

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In the spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship, the RHM Girls have launched a delightful new business called "The Girls Who Bake." As the name suggests, they have embarked on a mouthwatering journey of home baking, crafting delicious treats that are tickling taste buds in Port-au-Prince. From delectable cupcakes to sumptuous cookies, from brownies to cake pops and everything in between, their passion for baking shines through every bite. Stay tuned for updates on their mouthwatering creations and how you can support their baking dreams!

Our space in The Shop on Main in Fredericktown, OH

But that's not all - these talented young ladies have also delved into the world of jewelry making. With their artistic flair and eye for detail, they have created a stunning line of handcrafted jewelry. Each piece tells a unique story, combining elements of beauty, elegance, and personal expression. Whether you're looking for a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself, their jewelry collection is sure to captivate your heart. Be prepared to be dazzled by their creativity and craftsmanship! Online store to come soon and, of course, their creations accompany any speaking engagement Mom and Dad have in the US. It's a great way for the girls to earn and contribute to their own education.

Now, let's turn our attention to our incredible young women pursuing higher education. Gina has embarked on an exciting college journey at a University in Haiti, where she is immersing herself in the world of engineering and architecture. We couldn't be prouder of Gina's determination and commitment to her education. We are confident that she will excel.

Meanwhile, the girls' college plans for the US have faced a s delay due to visa issues. While disappointed, we are making lemonade with these lemons and looking for classes of interest online for now. Egnese has decided to make the most of her time by enrolling in an online program focusing on interior design. This showcases her resilience and determination to continue her education despite the hurdles. We applaud her adaptability and applaud her for taking charge of her future. We are eagerly awaiting the resolution of these visa issues and look forward to seeing our girls flourish at Ashland University soon! Anguetha, our writer, is taking some online courses in creative writing. We may see a book from her in the future chronicling the girls' lives at H.O.P.E. Orphanage! We can't leave out the driving lessons they are working through. Gina and Anguetha are licensed drivers! So much learning going on!

We must talk about our two formally employed young women, Monese and Rose-Myrlande. Monese applied for a job as a teaching assistant at an English-speaking school and was so impressive that the school hired her the day she applied. One week after starting, she was involved in motorcycle accident that laid her up for a few weeks. She is back to 100% and back to work, but while she was off, she didn't want the school to suffer. The girls arranged for Rose-Myrlande to fill in at the school while Monese couldn't work. The school was so impressed with Rose-Myrlande that they hired her to work at the school full-time as well. Each morning the two of them head off to their jobs!

These updates are just a glimpse into the incredible journeys our girls are undertaking. The unwavering support and love from the Raising Hope Ministries community have played a pivotal role in their growth and success. We are grateful for your continuous encouragement and belief in our girls' potential.

As we celebrate new arrivals, creative ventures, and college journeys, let us remember the power of hope and community. Together, we can uplift and empower these young women, enabling them to reach new heights and achieve their dreams. Now is the time to lift these young women up. God is preparing them for His plans. Please be a part of the impact these young women will make in this world. Click here to DONATE.

Thank you for being a part of our Raising Hope family. Stay tuned for more updates, inspiring stories, and opportunities to make a difference. Together, we can create a world where hope knows no boundaries!

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