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  • Toby Banks

The Biggest News of All

Those of you that have followed our story since 2005, already know the biggest prayer we have had since a fateful day in December of 2012:

Reunification of our family.

God is Good, All the Time. He is Faithful when our faith is holding by a thread. He is with is in the hard and He is with us when we rejoice.

Now is the time for REJOICING.

All 20 of the Hope Center Girls ARE BACK UNDER ONE ROOF. Living as sisters and doing life together. We couldn't be happier. Stay tuned for stories of this crazy, loud cross cultural family AND of the work we are doing in Haiti to help others. We have partnered with our old pals at Servants in Fellowship to serve others and to allow the girls to develop the skills they need to be successful.

The best way we can help empower our girls now, and THEIR girls later (the ones they will guide and mentor) is through supporting their education. We started this journey of the HOPE Center (Haitian Orphanage the Provides and Educates) with a heart for raising these girls to be the girls that can overcome difficulty, inequity, and poverty. These girls are well on their way now, with AMERICAN high school diplomas (as well as French HS Diplomas for the oldest girls), acceptance at American University for 5 of them (though US visa's are an issue right now), Architectural/Engineering School, Two Teachers (at US curriculum schools in Haiti), Design School, Creative Writing Programs and internship programs. They have started three businesses: a Home Bakery called "The Girls Who Bake"providing scrumptious American style desserts (cookies, brownies, cake pops) that they are sending out the door in amazing volumes and a jewelry making business (wares are sold in some local shops, in the US, and online). One of the girls even started selling Digicel Papadap (recharging cellphone minutes in Haiti).

They all have jobs in the home as well (the dreaded chore chart) and work well together. Getting places on time is a struggle for sure. Try to wrangle 20 young women ages 15-23 into one Large-ish minivan (does that even make sense?). It's like trying to herd cats.

These young women have suffered, pain, abandonment, loss, skewed relationships, confusion. But they are AMAZING young women with the potential to impact so many others through the programs RHM offers.

Be a part of their journey and the journey of the others God has already chosen for them to impact. Sign up to get notification when the website is updated, follow us on social media, like and share our posts, most of all, PRAY for these young women. Haiti is unbelievably hard and they can only succeed surrounded by prayer.

Welcome Nada, Leah, Chrisna, Sterline, Chasley, Loudia!

The whole Gang of 20

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