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  • Toby Banks

Rose's Smile

Imagine being a young woman of 20, without teeth.


Not from lack of caring for them, not from apathy or laziness. But because you happened to be born in Haiti.

We shared last week about Rose spending hours at the orthodontist to get her teeth in order. Her top teeth were shaped and a bridge and veneers were placed. The Doctor tried some things to stabilize the bottom teeth from the last visit. We went back for a follow-up this week and discovered her bottom teeth had been pulled out of her jaw bone by the braces she had. As a result, she had some oral surgery, was fitted for another bridge, and some temporary veneers placed on the bottom. Rose was brave and tough, and sad and afraid, but she powered through. She still has a few things to be done in order to preserve most of her teeth. We believe that making sure her teeth are the best they can be is very important for her physical health, her mental health, and her self image.

Pray for Rose as she recovers from her surgery and has a few additional appointments over the next few weeks. Dental work, done properly, costs as much in Haiti as it does in the US. Consider helping us with the unexpected $16,000.00 of dental work to save Rose's Smile.

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